BHJ the company that you can trust
BHJ the company that you can trust
The agency you can trust!
The agency you can trust!


 Currently BHJ is searching for GP locums or family medicine physicians for out of hous surgeries in Ireland. The following positions are for immediate commencement :




- Salary: 80€/hour (Company setup)-( 75€/hour (employee setup) . The time table in this case is flexible with only 2-3 night shifts/month. 


- 40-50 hours work per week. Estimated yearly earnings: 140.000-150.000€ (Company setup). Monthly earnings for doctors can be anything between 10.000-15.000€ a month straight in the bank. 


- At least 1 year of services guaranteed.


- BHJ will help with getting registered with the IMC if you are qualified in General Practice or family medicine inside the EU (we are one of the few agencies that will actualy go over all your documents and the application online to make sure everything is correct).


- BHJ will help with relocation issues and company setup.





Doctors should preferably be qualified inside the European Union as a General Practitioner  or as family medicine with EU citizenship and/or Stamp4.


Doctors (EU citizenship) with ample experience as a GP  who are not qualified as family medicine physician  but have recent experience as a GP in primary care centers (at least 4 years) in a European country and have experience  in paediatrics, obstetrics&gynaecology, emergency department, psychiatry, etc. also applies to this case.

 No other requierment is necessary to practice as a GP in comparison with the UK where you will have to have some supervised practice before you can go into the Specialist Registrar.


- Irish Medical Council Registration is recomended but not a must as we can help you with the process of getting registered. 


- You will requiere a Medical Defense Coverage from a Private Insurance Company. BHJ will help you with this and put you in touch with the companies that offer the best service.


- The level of English should be at least a B2 level with the capacity to communicate and write correctly in English. No formal qualification is requiered for the moment.



 Basic Steps to get a job as a General Practicioner in Ireland through BHJ:


1. Get registered with our agency sending us a CV in English to


2.   Fill up the documents that BHJ will send you that basicaly consists of a CV template, a questionnaire and a short English level test.


3.   Get in touch with a BHJ representative to go over these documents and see what strategy should be followed to get you a job.


4.  Once taken the decision to go forward you should start the process to Registrar with the IMC.


5. Near the end the IMC regsitration process you will interview with our Clients.


6. Once registered you will need to apply for the Medical Insurance Coverage. Assistance by the agency will be granted to do this.


7. In paralel to point number 6 your should set yourself up as a Company (if you have chosen this option).


8. Once you have your registration and your insurance you will be able to start working. 


To apply please send an updated CV in English to ASAP.









28 Nothumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland



Telephone number: (+353)12544366


Our job offers:

For this 2023-24 we are seeking  Consultant doctors the following specialities across Ireland: Anaesthetics&ICU, Respiratory Medicine, General Practice or Family medicine doctors, Infectious Diseases,ENT,Acute Medicine, Gastroentererology, Geriatrics, Radiology, General (internal) Medicine, Endocrinology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Microbiology, Haematology , Opthalmic Surgery, Obstetrics&Gynaecology, Palliative Medicine,Rheumatology, Clinical and interventional Cardiology with skills in General Medicine, Paediatrics with neonatal skills, Neonatology, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry and Emergeny medicine for severals hospitals in Ireland

Positions for Registrar doctors (immediate and for 2023-24) in Anaesthetics, Haematology, Paediatrics (neonatal experience), Medicine,Neurology,Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical Oncology, emergency medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, Infectious Diseases,General Surgery, Plastic surgery, ENT and Urology.